Meta Post

The world is full of many different objects, processes and challenges that engineers try to tame through estimation, experimentation and analysis. This is something that I do – try to better understand the physical world in order to design better things.

It is easy to assume that with the limitless resources of the internet, that it should be easy to find models for just about anything these days. However, while many things have probably been thought about, modeled, and solved, I often can’t find that solution. So, instead of looking up an elegant solution, I end up having to make my own. Sometimes this work results in an idea work publishing, patenting, or keeping as a secret. Most of the time, it doesn’t.

That’s why I’m making this corner of the internet. To keep track of all the little design and analytical quips that I am not using for anything important and want to share and get feedback on. Also, I’m required to make a website like this to keep track of my Precision Product Design coursework.


Meta Post

One thought on “Meta Post

  1. alex says:

    rockin dude!

    that was a fumnny video of servomotor moves (I have to be pedantic-cause everything else so good :-)–stepper–ot servoic unless encoder added!)


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